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Middle Eastern Veggie-Falafel Bowl

I honestly struggled with what to call this because there was so much thrown in. So I'm keeping it simple: 

Make 1 cup of basmati rice
Veggie prep: 
  • 1/2 bell pepper sliced into strips
  • 1/4 onion also sliced
  • 1 piece of celery diced
  • 1 small potato diced into very small pieces
Sautee the veggies in EVOO but start the potato first (give it about 3 minutes before adding the other veggies). Once all of the veggies are cooking, season with curry powder, turmeric and cumin (enough to turn them all yellow). 

Heat one can of black beans in a separate pot. (Garbanzo beans are more along the lines of middle eastern food, but Bryce doesn't really like them so I went with black beans. Call if fusion.)
Once the veggies are softened, set them aside and cover to keep warm.
In the same pan, heat one can of light coconut milk, and begin adding red curry paste (use the fork method that I've described, about 3 forks' worth of paste). 

Once the curry paste is mixed in, add 1 tsp of harissa sauce note harissa is very spicy, I used 1 tsp and was like "oh, this has a kick but not bad." For those of you who have a normal level of spice tolerance, start with a smaller amount and add more to taste. 

Once the sauce is bubbling, add the veggies back in. Meanwhile, heat up falafel in the oven/toaster oven.
Spoon into a bowl: rice, beans, sauce mix with veggies. Top with the heated falafel and serve with naan on the side. This was like throwing the kitchen sink into a bowl, but it was delicious! (Actual feedback: "This was better than the last one." 🙂)


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Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Last night was another repeat dinner of my taco recipe (it's a fan favorite and super easy so it's heavily in the rotation). So, instead I thought I'd share my favorite breakfast smoothie recipe, which I am drinking as we speak! In a blender:  Take a couple handfuls of strawberries, cut off the tops and chop them into large pieces (probably about a cup or cup and a half) Cut up one banana (this is great for overripe ones)  Add 2 cups of vanilla yogurt (I use low fat or no fat...not a fan of whole milk yogurt, and you could use Greek yogurt if you like)  Throw in a couple ice cubes--I don't know why but ice cubes help the texture.  Blend all togther, and voila! Healthy easy breakfast that's surprisingly filling!

Miso soup

This is a serving size for 2: Heat 2 cups of vegetable stock (you could do chicken if you want). Stock comes in cartons, or you can use a bouillon cube, or you can make your own but that's another recipe for another day. Dice up 1 cup of vegetables; aim for hearty ones that won't fall apart in the soup: cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and I think mushrooms would work (I don't like them but I could see them being good in this if you do like them). When the stock is boiling add about 1 tbsp of liquid miso...this is a tannish color and comes in a bottle. It's not the dark brown solid chunks of miso. Stir, add your veggies and let them simmer for about 5 minutes, top with some green onions, and you're done!

Pasta with Oil & Spices

So rather than go to the store yesterday after work for some fancy-pants ingredients needed for a new dish, I went for a run instead.  There will be no running today in this rain, so new dish will be tonight.  Last night I made Rhys's favorite pasta, which I've shared here before but it's worth revisiting. And, there's a picture this time!  Cook 1 lb of mostaccioli (this will feed an army, so cut in half if you're not feeding, well, an army). Once the pasta is cooked and drained, return it to the pot and add 1/4 cup of EVOO. Add a little more if all the pasta isn't nicely covered with oil.  Add a lot of oregano, about 2 tbsp but adjust to taste. Add black pepper, about 1 tbsp.  Top with crushed red pepper to taste, depending how spicy you like it. And that's it!