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Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Last night was another repeat dinner of my taco recipe (it's a fan favorite and super easy so it's heavily in the rotation). So, instead I thought I'd share my favorite breakfast smoothie recipe, which I am drinking as we speak!

In a blender: 
  • Take a couple handfuls of strawberries, cut off the tops and chop them into large pieces (probably about a cup or cup and a half)
  • Cut up one banana (this is great for overripe ones) 
  • Add 2 cups of vanilla yogurt (I use low fat or no fat...not a fan of whole milk yogurt, and you could use Greek yogurt if you like) 
  • Throw in a couple ice cubes--I don't know why but ice cubes help the texture. 
Blend all togther, and voila! Healthy easy breakfast that's surprisingly filling!


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Miso soup

This is a serving size for 2: Heat 2 cups of vegetable stock (you could do chicken if you want). Stock comes in cartons, or you can use a bouillon cube, or you can make your own but that's another recipe for another day. Dice up 1 cup of vegetables; aim for hearty ones that won't fall apart in the soup: cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and I think mushrooms would work (I don't like them but I could see them being good in this if you do like them). When the stock is boiling add about 1 tbsp of liquid miso...this is a tannish color and comes in a bottle. It's not the dark brown solid chunks of miso. Stir, add your veggies and let them simmer for about 5 minutes, top with some green onions, and you're done!

Pasta w/ Garlic-Butter Sauce

Made this one up last night because I needed a lighter alternative to the cream sauces I've been making lately. It sounds like it would be super-rich, but it's actually not!  Boil 1/2 lb of pasta, go for penne or farfalle, not a spaghetti-type noodle  Prep green beans (cut off the ends, chop into bite-size pieces) and dice up some zucchini. Peas (unfrozen) would also work well in this dish.  While the pasta is cooking, heat 5 tbsp of butter in a large pan, add 1-2 cloves of minced garlic and simmer on medium heat. Add 1 tbsp lemon juice.  Add in the veggies and stir, season with black pepper. You have to keep the heat on med-low so the butter doesn't brown, so this will take a little longer than it usually does to sautee veggies. But your pasta will take 10ish minutes to cook so that's plenty of time.  Once the pasta is cooked and drained, return it to the pot, then add the veggie and sauce mixture to the pot and stir to combine.    Serve topped with shred

Pineapple Paella

I'm back! I assumed that making this would be insanely complicated, but it turns out it was easier than like half the stuff I make. No more paella intimidation!  Prepare a meat or meat substitute--chorizo sausage is popular in this I think, but I used one of my go-to fake sausages, Beyond Meat spicy "Italian Sausage" (we grilled over the weekend so I had some in the house).  Whether you're using a sausage or chicken, dice it up and sautee it in EVOO till cooked, set aside.  Doesn't have to be a huge amount. I used two "sausages" so that's probably 1-1/2 cups.  Preheat the oven to 400, and find an oven-safe skillet (cast iron is your friend if you have it). In the skillet, you'll sautee diced vegetables. I'm guessing you could do nearly anything, but here's what I used: Bell pepper tomato onion peas (not frozen) pineapple (yes, pineapple) Probably about 2-3 cups of veggies in total.  Season the veggies with a litt